Extended Realities Are The Future of...

Essentially everything. The internet is not the end of the evolution of the information age and businesses and communities are growing across multiple realities from social media in the browser and on different apps to ones that cross multiple realities including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These Extended Realities (XR) will define the future of how we do just about everything from shopping to entertainment, healthcare, learning, and staying connected as a global community. This will be the next evolution of how we interact and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities it will bring.

Video Games as Communities

Games are a storytelling medium that go well beyond books and movies allowing players to become the center of the action themselves. Combine this with an online and physical experience to give players a true sense of community where their story transcends either medium culminating in a journey shared with others. Players can choose what aspects of the story are most important to them and explore them further adding in their own hopes, fears, and dreams to customize their adventure. Entertainment should be a fully customized experience and by allowing players to live out their journey across extended physical and digital realities is the very essence of games as a community. Communities are proven to extend the engagement and interest of individual gamers. 

Constructive Training Simulations

The perceived gap between training scenarios and video games is constantly shrinking. Virtual Reality “simulations” are little more than games with a specific and tailored purposed in the same manner as genre specific titles. A Real Time Strategy (RTS) game teaches concepts on the strategy, operational, and tactical layers while First Person Shooters (FPS) can reinforce tactical procedures and assess the application of knowledge and experience. Many military and law enforcement agencies are utilizing VR training scenarios to reduce costs and present training that would be otherwise too dangerous to create. Mixing physical and digital training opportunities has been pursued by the US Military for many years with “constructive” scenarios existing simultaneously with physical training. The challenge has always been to merge the two realities, which is at the heart of our Extended Reality (XR) technology stack. We are able to solve these issues by leveraging our experience in XR.

eCommerce Experiences

Customers want value from the products, brands, and platforms with which they interact. Brands who want to stay competitive and the platforms selling their products need to provide added value to the customer. XR unleashes the ability to provide digital rewards alongside the physical products and services purchased by users. Games provide extended value across physical and digital realities by enhancing loyalty and pushing brands from simple product placement into an endless realm of possibilities through product integration. Seeing a well known car in a movie is great, but now imagine being able to drive that car in your favorite racing game or using it as your primary mode of transportation in a Roleplaying Game (RPG). Not only do we enhance the shopping experience itself; we also extend the presence of the brand.